This event calendar features not only courses and workshops from Harmsen Consultancy but also events and symposiums in the fields of Sustainability, (Chemical) Process Technology and Engineering. If you want to add an event to this calendar, please send an email!

NPS16 – The Netherlands Process Technology Symposium @ TU Eindhoven
Oct 30 – Oct 31 all-day

The Netherlands Process Technology Symposium – NPS16 – 2019, Eindhoven, 30-31 October 2019

This symposium attracts around 400 people; mainly PhD students, but also some 10 % from industry. There are always interesting new contributions and there are ample opportunities for meeting old and new friends.  I will attend this meeting.

Advanced Course Industrial Process and Unit Operations Scale-up @ Barbizon Hotel
Nov 5 – Nov 6 all-day

Advanced Course Industrial Process and Unit Operations Scale-up is a 2-day Advanced Course from Harmsen Consultancy BV. It takes place on the 5th and 6th of November 2019 in Capelle aan den IJssel, The Netherlands.

Course program:

The programs on these course days complement each other. You can participate both days or choose either day of this course.

Why you should take this course

Fifty percent of all commercial scale process implementations fail, meaning that the commercial scale process does not meet the design goals even after a long start-up period (source Independent Process Analysis from 12 000 industrial projects). These failures can be prevented by following established scale-up methods as provided by the book: Industrial Process Scale-up,  by Jan Harmsen. The course is provided by him and is based on this book.

Course goals

To provide knowledge and practical experience to industrial process scale-up methods to reduce scale-up risks so that the commercial scale implementations are successful and to provide teachers a comprehensive theory of scale-up methods.

Learning goals

  1. To identify critical aspects of process and unit operations scale-up;
  2. Choose the best process and unit operations scale-up method  for a given case;
  3. Make an innovation plan for a given case.

Intended course participants

The attendees are typically industrial practitioners and academic teachers in process research, development and design.. They are active: in process industries such chemicals, food, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals paper & pulp, steel, oil refining, biomass processing, inside  technology providers, such as process equipment, and pilot plant companies, in contract research institutes, engineering firms, or in higher education institutes such as universities and polytechnics. The participants have a minimum education level BSc or equivalent. If uncertain about your qualification, please contact the course lecturer.

Experience of  ir G.J. Harmsen on process innovation in scale-up

The course is based on industrial experience of Jan Harmsen in all stages of process innovation, i.e., research, development, design, and start-up of commercial scale processes at Shell, 1977-2010 and on providing advice and courses on sustainable process innovation and scale-up for 9 years to industry since 2010 till present.

Practical details

Date:  Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th of November 2019

Location: Barbizon Hotel, Barbizonlaan 2, 2908 MA Capelle aan den IJssel, The Netherlands.
1 hour drive from Schiphol. Near railway station Rotterdam Alexander, next to A20.

Certificate: A personal and signed course certificate will be provided after participation of each course day.

Course entrance: Via the web shop or via email, see contact details.

Fee for the 2-day course: 1800 Euro per participant, exclusive of VAT (btw).

The fee covers all cost: the course, the course book, lunch and refreshments.

Payment can be done via the webshop of or by bank transfer.

industrial process scale-up jan harmsen second edition

Course Book: Jan Harmsen, Industrial Process Scale-up, revised 2ndedition. Elsevier, (2019).


For more information on or registry for this course, contact Jan Harmsen, course conductor:, tel +31 (0)180 396730.

AIChE Annual Meeting – Transforming the Future through Chemical Engineering @ Orlando, Florida, USA
Nov 10 – Nov 15 all-day

AIChE Annual Meeting, Orlando, Florida, USA, November 10-15, 2019.

This is a very large conference covering all items of chemical process engineering. Attendance is around 8000 people. The majority is from the USA but also Europe and South America  is represented.  The theme is: Transforming the Future through Chemical Engineering.
I will be present in Orlando at the time of this conference.

Food Tech 2020 – 4th World Congress on Advances in Food Science, Processing and Technology @ Tokyo, Japan
Feb 27 – Feb 28 all-day

4th World Congress on Advances in Food Science, Processing and Technology, Tokyo, Japan, February 27-28, 2020.  

Food processing is advancing faster in some areas then in chemicals processing. Novel rapid heating and separation techniques in particular advanced here. These techniques can also be useful in chemicals processing.

AIChE Spring Meeting and 16th Global Congress on Process Safety, Houston, Texas @ Houston, Texas, USA
Mar 29 – Apr 2 all-day

AIChE Spring Meeting and 16th Global Congress on Process Safety, Houston, Texas, USA, March 29 – April 2, 2020

The spring meeting always has many contributions from industry. It is far more informal than the Fall meeting. Several times I picked up new ideas from a spring meeting.
I may attend this meeting.

CHISA, 24th International Congress of Chemical and Process Engineering @ Prague, Czech Republic
Aug 27 – Aug 30 all-day

CHISA, 24th International Congress of Chemical and Process Engineering,  Clarion Congress Hotel, Prague, Czech Republic.

This congress covers all aspects of chemical processing. It also has topics on educating sustainable chemical engineering. The participants are from mainly from academia, but also from industry. There is always a relatively large number of people from Eastern Europe, the middle-East and East-Asia; hence an extra opportunity to increase your network.
I will attend this meeting.

IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition @ Copenhagen, Denmark
Oct 18 – Oct 23 all-day

IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition, Copenhagen, Denmark, 18 – 23 October 2020.

Water processing is becoming more and more important in view of contributing to sustainable development goals. Water processing is about large scale processing at very low cost. This means that new technologies such a variable speed pumps replacing standard pumps and valves have been introduced in this field far earlier than in other process industry branches. So attending this congress to find cross-sectoral technologies should also be considered if you are outside this process branch.