Advanced Course Process Innovation and Scale-up

Advanced Course Process Innovation and Scale-up
One-day course; date and location t.b.a.
Lecturer ir. Jan Harmsen; Harmsen Consultancy B.V.

In many cases commercial scale process implementation is still a partial or even complete failure, because some risks are not assessed and risk reduction measures are not taken. This course is about assessing and avoiding these risks, while being effective and efficient. The course follows a step by step approach from a novel process concept to successful commercial scale start-up. For each step methods are provided and practised in a workshop setting.

Course purpose

To educate participants in advanced industrially proven process innovation and scale-up methods.


Course elements:
Risk assessment methods for novel processes. Critical elements treated are: Chemistry and physical aspects, Equipment, Construction materials, Local context, Buying technology.
Methods covered are Technology Readiness Level assessment, Pilot plant design, process modelling with validation, Unit operations scale-up methods, and Start-up preparation.
Course outline set-up

This course provides industrially proven methods and guidelines to carry out process innovation and assess and reduce process scale-up risks. The methods and guidelines are backed-up by many real industrial failures and successes.  In workshops these guidelines are practised with real case exercises. The number of participants is limited to 12, so that maximum interaction is ensured.


Intended course participants

The attendees are typically process researchers, process developers, and process designers. They have  a chemical, physical, (bio)chemical engineering or mechanical engineering education. They are probably active in process industries (chemicals, food, fermentation, paper&pulp, steel, oil refining, biotechnology, or biomass processing), in contract engineering firms, in technology providers, in equipment manufacturers, contract research organizations, or in higher education institutes. The participants have a minimum education level BSc (HBO) or an equivalent level obtained by experience. If uncertain about your qualification, please contact the course lecturer, Email:, tel +31 (0)180 396730.


Location and Timing: to be announced

Certificate: A personal and signed course certificate in a frame will be provided.

Course entrance: Email to State your name, emailadres
and address for invoice or order via this website.

Fee of the course per attendee: 900 Euro  exclusive of VAT (btw)

The fee covers all cost: the course, the course book, lunch and refreshments

Payment can be done by bank transfer, or by credit card.


Course Book: Jan Harmsen, Industrial Process Scale-up A practical innovation guide from idea to commercial implementation, Elsevier, Amsterdam, (2013). This book will be handed to the course participants and is included in the course fee.
Experience of  ir G.J. Harmsen on process innovation in scale-up at Shell 1977-2010:
The course is based on 33 years industrial experience of the course lecturer Jan Harmsen in all stages of process innovation, i.e., research, development, design, and start-up of commercial scale processes.

Course schedule


09.30 h.                Getting to know each other and expectations of the course

10.00 h.                Lecture I:  Research plan essential elements; Show stoppers identification

10.30 h                 Workshop I: Industrial process concept case

Task A: Make a list of potential showstoppers (most critical items).
Task B: Make a complete research plan: List of subjects to research

Present results A and B

11.15 h.                Break

11.30 h.                Lecture II:  Development plan and Technology Readiness Level assessment

12.00 h.                Workshop II: Industrial Process concept case

Task C: What are the scale-up issues of this process?

Task D: Make a complete process development plan to resolve all issues

Present results C and D

13.00 h.                Lunch

13.30 h.                Lecture III: Unit Operations scale-up

14.00 h.                Workshop III Industrial reactor scale-up case:

Task E: Identify for case the relevant critical scale-up factors

Task F: Chose most suited scale-up method

Present results E and F

15.00 h.                Break

15.15 h.                Questions and Answers session

16.15 h.                Feedback on course

16.25 h.                Provide certificates

16.30 h.                Closure