Advanced Course Unit Operations Process Scale-up

Advanced Course Unit Operations Process Scale-up 2019
One-day course
Lecturer ir. Jan Harmsen; Harmsen Consultancy B.V.

Course content

Course purpose

To educate participants in performance phenomena of unit operations critical to scale-up and in methods to ensure reliable scale-up. These critical phenomena are often overlooked.


Course elements:
Key performance parameters of unit operations
Scale-up methods to ensure unit operation performance upon scale-up for reactors and separators.

Key performance phenomena

  • Residence time distribution
  • Micro Mixing
  • Dispersion 2nd phase
  • Heat transfer
  • Mass transfer
  • Impuls (momentum) transfer


Course outline set-up

Advanced Course Unit Operations Process Scale-up provides insight in scale-dependent phenomena that also affect the unit operation performance.  This insight can be used to

  1. Analyse new unit operations, or existing unit operations for new applications on scale-up risks.
  2. Determine a reliable scale-up strategy for the new unit operation
  3. Validate the scale-up strategy experimentally


In workshops these guidelines are practised with real case exercises. The number of participants is limited to 12, so that maximum interaction between particpants and lecturer is ensured.


Intended course participants

The attendees are typically process engineers, process developers, and process designers. They have a (bio)chemical engineering education. They are probably active in process industries (chemicals, food, fermentation, paper & pulp, steel, oil refining, biotechnology, or biomass processing), in contract engineering firms, in technology providers, in equipment manufacturers, contract research organizations, or in higher education institutes. The participants have a minimum education level BSc (HBO). If uncertain about your qualification, please contact the course lecturer:, tel +31 (0)180 396730.

Course schedule


Coffee and tea
09:30 Getting to know each other and expectations of the course
10:00 Lecture 1:  Unit Operations and phenomena critical to scale-up

Workshop 1: List Unit Operations own practice, performance constraints,

Identify which phenomena are critical to performance success

Identify which are scale dependent

Present  results

11:15 Break

Lecture 2:  Reliable Scale-up methods 2-phase reactors:

Static mixers, Staged bubble columns, trickle-bed


Workshop 2: Industrial Case

Present results

13:00 Lunch
13:30 Lecture 3: reliable scale-up methods for Separations: Extraction, Absorption.

Workshop 3: Industrial case

Present results

15:00 Break
15:15 Participants Questions and Answers session
16:15 Feedback on course
16:25 Provide certificates



Location, date and time: To be determined for first half of 2019.

Certificate: A personal and signed course certificate in a frame will be provided.

Course entrance: Via the webshop or via email to State your name, email adress and address for invoice.

Fee of the course per attendee: € 900 exclusive of VAT (btw)

The fee covers all cost: the course, the course material, lunch and refreshments

Payment can be done via the webshop or by bank transfer.


Course Material: Jan Harmsen, Industrial Process Scale-up, revised 2nd edition. Elsevier, (2019).


Experience of  ir G.J. Harmsen on process innovation in scale-up at Shell 1977-2010:
The course is based on 33 years industrial experience of the course lecturer Jan Harmsen in all stages of process innovation, i.e., research, development, design, and start-up of commercial scale processes.