Sustainability Hot Spot Scan tool

The ‘HotSpot Scan Tool was launched at an MVO meeting in Utrecht 22nd of June 2017.  In this meeting we had an hands on practice with the tool. This scan provides insights in the most important potential ‘hot spots’ i.e. risks and opportunities in sustainability in your company value chain.  It is an excel spread sheet and can be downloaded for free from the MVO website: (English).

I was impressed by its capabilities. It is based on a large number of data bases on Life Cycle Assessment, Safety and Health and Social impacts from the UN, World Business Counsel of Sustainable Development (WBCSD). One of the most striking results of the scan is that it provides directly, which of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals are addressed  by the company and where are the major areas of concern (hot spots).

By simply changing for instance the country of origin of a feedstock, or by changing the choice of a solvent, sensitivity analyses can be carried out and directions for improvement can be identified.

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