Publications 2014

Scientific refereed

Jan Harmsen, Novel sustainable industrial processes: from idea to commercial scale implementation,

Green Processing and Synthesis, 2014, Volume 3, Issue 3. Pages 189-193


Conference proceedings refereed

J. Harmsen, Key sustainability design and operation principles for all industrial system levels, Oral and Abstract in proceedings, CHISA 2014, Prague, 23-27 August 2014, ISBN 978-80-02-02555-9.

Jan Harmsen, Adipic Process Routes from Renewable Sources Assessment, Proceedings 4th Int Congress Green Process Engineering, Sevilla, Spain, 7-10 April 2014. Récents Progrès en Génie des Procédés, Numéro 106 – 2014, ISSN: 1775-335X ; ISBN: 978-2-910239-80-0, Ed. SFGP, Paris.



Gerald Jonker, Jan Harmsen, Ingeniería para la sostenibilidad, Editorial Reverte SA of Spain 2014.



  1. Harmsen, Procesintensificatie in de Industrie, Lezing voor Bossche Chemische Kring, 11 februari 2014.