Publications 2016

Publications of Jan Harmsen in 2016:

Jan Harmsen, Revolutions in Process Technology, Plenary Lecture, Annual Event Delft Process Technology Institute, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 21st of June 2016.

G.J. Harmsen, Process Intensification: A revolution in process industries, plenary lecture, Process Intensification Symposium, Groningen, 19 May 2016.

Jan Harmsen, Best Renewable Routes to Adipic Acid, Acrylic Acid and Propionic Acid, Oral and abstract, AIChE Spring Meeting & 12th Global Congress on Process Safety, Houston, USA, 10-14 April 2016.

G.J. Harmsen, Best renewable routes to  adipic acid, acrylic acid and propionic acid, Oral and abstract, ECO-BIO Conference 6-9 March 2016, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

  1. Harmsen, Duurzame innovatie en bedrijfscontinuïteit”, Inspiratie bijeenkomst, Lage energieprijs: Nu investeren!, NLGUTS, PINNL, Wageningen 29 Maart 2016.