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Publications by Jan Harmsen 1985 – 2017


Scientific refereed

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Green Processing and Synthesis, 2014, Volume 3, Issue 3. Pages 189-193




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All authors:

Johan P.M. Sanders, Wageningen University and Research centre

James H. Clark, Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence, University of York, UK

  1. Harmsen, University of Groningen
  2. Heeres, University of Groningen

J.J. Heijnen, Delft University of Technology

S.R.A. Kersten, University of Twente

  1. van Swaaij, University of Twente

J.A. Moulijn, Delft University of Technology, BiCHEM Technology BV




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Refereed Proceedings

Jan Harmsen, Process Intensification: its Drivers and Hurdles for Commercial Implementation, keynote lecture and refereed abstract, WCCE, Montreal, 23-27 August 2009.

Jan Harmsen, Gerald Jonker, Sustainability courses at University Groningen, Poster, and refereed abstract, GPE-EPIC, Venice, 14-17 June 2009.




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Refereed proceedings

G.J. Harmsen, Reactive Distillation, The frontrunner of Industrial Process Intensification: A full review of commercial applications, research, scale-up, design and operation, keynote lecture, and abstract Proceedings ECCE 6,  2007, Copenhagen, September 2007, Conf CD  ISBN 978-87-91435-57-9.

G.J. Harmsen, Chewing gum that does not foul the streets, oral presentation and abstract Proceedings ECCE 2007, Copenhagen, September 2007, Conf CD ISBN 978-87-91435-57-9.

G..J. Harmsen, Life Cycle Design, oral presentation and abstract Proceedings LCM Zurich, August 2007



Refereed Proceeding

G.J. Harmsen, Reactive Distillation: A review of applications, research, development, design and operation, keynote lecture and paper  in Proceedings of 17th International Congress of Chemical and Process Engineering, CHISA 2006, Prague 27-31 August 2006 on CDrom.




Refereed Proceedings

G.J. Harmsen, Catalytic Distillation: Review and Forecast of industrial applications & academic research, Review and Forecast paper and oral presentation (1 hour), World Petroleum Congress, Johannesburg, 25-29 September, 2005, on Cdrom, 14 pages.


H.H. Kleizen1 and G.J.Harmsen1,2 ,Conceptual Process Design fitting in a Sustainable Technological World, Paper in proceedings Sustainable (Bio)Chemical Process Technology

September 27th to 29th, 2005,Delft, The Netherlands.

Jan Harmsen, Diana van Eck, Combining stage/gate and concurrent engineering in Industrial R&D: Shown in a reversible reactive extraction project, Oral presentation, Abstract and paper, in Congress Manuscripts 7th World Congress Chemical Engineering, Glasgow, 10-14 July 2005, Cdrom, IChemE.



Scientific publications 

Harmsen, GJ (2004). Industrial best practices of conceptual process design. Chemical engineering and processing Vol.  43 (5),  671-675


Refereed proceedings and book contribution

Harmsen,G.J.,  Kleizen, HH, Korevaar, G, Lemkowitz, SM  (2004). Chemical Technology Sustainable Design Course: Key Success Elements for Creativity.. In  D. Ferrer-Balas,  K.F. Mulder,  J. Bruno &  R. Sans (Eds.), EESD 2004: Engineering Education in Sustainable Development.  Barcelona, Spain: Int. Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE).


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Refereed publications 

Harmsen, GJ   (2003). De oogst van milieutechnologie: van curatieve naar duurzame technologie. In Boersema, JJ (Ed.), De oogst van het milieu. (pp. 104-119). Amsterdam: Boom.


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Refereed Proceedings

Harmsen, G.J. Sustainable Process Design Method, Refereed Abstract and Oral Presentation, In Final Program 52nd Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference, Vancouver Canada, 20-23 October 2002.ISBN 0-920804-39-X


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Refereed publications

G.Jan Harmsen, Joint management of Energy and environment in Industry, Cleaner Production, Environmental Management Systems and Energy Management Facilitating Sustainable Development in Industry, book review of Audun Amundsen, in Milieu, 2001/1, p. 41-42.


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Refereed Proceedings

Harmsen, 2000, Jan, Industrially applied process Synthesis Method Creates Synergy between Economy and Sustainability, In M.M. Malone,, (eds) 5th Int. Conf. Of Computer-Aided Process Design, Breckenridge Colorado, USA July 19-24, 1999, AIChE Symp Series No. 323, Vol 96, 2000, p. 364-366.


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Scientific Publications

G. J. Harmsen and L. A. Chewter, Industrial applications of multi-functional, multi-phase reactors,Chemical Engineering Science, Volume 54, Issue 10, May 1999, Pages 1541-1545

G.J. Harmsen, “ Industrially Applied process synthesis method creates synergy between economy and sustainability” In M.F. Malone, J.A. Trainhem (eds) 5th International conf. Foundations of Computer Aided Process Design,  Breckenridge USA 19-23 July 1999. p 364-366



Refereed Proceedings

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