Compose your own course

Build your own course

Harmsen Consultancy doesn’t just offer ready-made courses: it is possible to compose your own course from modules provided by Harmsen Consultancy. This is a list of offered modules and their elements:

Module Elements
Sustainable Development Triple P, Precaution, UN goals, business motives, history
Design goal and constraints Triple P, innovation stage dependent
Stakeholders identification Business, society, governments
Input and output definition Essential, Resources and Destinations, Atom balance,
Functional process design Definition, Advantage, Essential functions, Alternative routes
Functional product design Definition, Advantages, Essential functions
Process Route selection Indicators for variable and capex cost
Technology Readiness Level Definition each level, innovation stages, use
Brainstorm for applications Download, critical success factors, first steps
Levels Process Technology LC, Ind. Ecol. site, plant, unit op, thermo, operation
Design for Industrial Ecology Biomimicry, Waste = food, Sun = E source, social innovation
LCA Purposes, Steps, methods
Design for Life cycle Bio and technical cycles, Quick method concept design
Scenarios for robustness Scenarios, generation, design improvements
Innovation stages and gates Risk reduction, show stoppers, gate criteria, role design, research plan, dev plan, pilot plant design
All design stages 7 stages: Names, key eng functions, deliverables,
Processes and Technologies Introduction. Functions, unit operations
Process Industry branches List, branch features,
Innovation structure Univ, T. providers, EPC, Manuf., CRO, equipment prov,
Formal Process Educations Bsc, MSc, PDeng, PhD, Bio, Minerals, Chem.
Engineering functions For 7 stages each stage 10 key functions
Design for Safety Guidelines for concept stage
Process Intensification Types, Industrial applications, function integration

The duration of the theoretic part of 1 module depends on the experience and knowledge of the participants. Modules can be combined in a workshop, brainstorm session of masterclass.

Are you interested in a workshop or course for your company? Send me an email mentioning the modules you think you need. Harmsen Consultancy will send a tailor-made offer on the basis of your wishes and sustainable strategies.