A new Process Scale-up course from Harmsen Consultancy will be given March 18-21, 2024. The 4 Day online “Advance Process Scale-Up” course focus is on the introduction and scale-up of new processes and new process equipment, including process intensified equipment, for the pharmaceutical and active pharmaceutical ingredients industries. Special attention is paid to critical success factors for scale-up of new equipment These are mixing, residence time distribution, mass transfer and heat transfer. 5 scale-up methods with their experimental validations are explained in combination with ways to select the best scale-up method for a given case. The course covers products, processes and equipment related to all sectors of the pharmaceutical industry: small and large molecules, biopharmaceutical, drug substance and finished products.

For more details and contact information for this course, check out the BiiWorld website: https://biiworld.com/trainings/advanced-process-scale-up-18-21-march-2024/