Thijs de Groot of Nouryon presented a complete plant design and cost to produce hydrogen from (renewable) electricity at 1 Gigawatt scale. The plant design consists of transformators, an alkaline water electrolysis system, gas-liquid separators, and compressors. The installed investment cost is € 1400 million (€ 1400/kw capacity).  Direct cost are  € 800 million. Thijs also compared the alkaline water electrolysis technology with Proton ionExchange Membrane (PEM) technology. For that technology, the investment cost is € 1800 million and direct cost € 2000 million. The investment cost estimate includes a contingency of 23 %, because this will be the first plant at that scale. Both technologies are also researched to reduce the investment and direct cost. Thijs presented this result at a webinar for over 200 participants, organized by NPT 25th of January 2021. A full report containing all design and cost details can be downloaded from: