Developing a new process typically takes 6 years. It even can take decades. However, it can be faster and still have a successful in start-up. Here are four key elements for a faster and still reliable scale-up.

  1. Follow all critical success factors for development and design
  2. Transfer not-coded development knowledge by transferring the process developer
  3. Chose the EPC contractor with experience in the specific branch
  4. Prepare the start-up with the critical success factors

All critical success factors are in my book:   Jan Harmsen, Industrial Process Scale-up, second revised Edition – A Practical Innovation Guide from Idea to Commercial Implementation, Elsevier, Amsterdam (2019).

Transferring not-coded knowledge by transferring the knowledge carrier is in my book:  Harmsen, Jan; Verkerk, Maarten. Process Intensification: Breakthrough in Design, Industrial Innovation Practices, and Education. De Gruyter, Berlin, 2020.

Harmsen J, Verkerk M. A New Approach to Industrial Innovation. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING PROGRESS. 2021 Mar 1;117(3):50-53, is a summary.

All these items are also treated in the advanced course: Industrial Process Scale-up 24-26 Nov. 2021.