Since August 2020 I have given 2 scale-up courses for in total over 60 participants, all from industry.

I  also received requests from clients, via Symmetric, to provide inhouse scale-up courses.

For the third course, due 24-26 November 2021 participant already write in.

The most likely reasons for this sudden increase in scale-up course interest First is that the course is online, so people do not need to travel. Second distance is also not a hurdle anymore and people from Asia, The USA and South-Amerika join the course. Third the course is given in three days from 9 till 14 hours (European time), so people can still do each day their urgent tasks.

The feedback from the course participants is that the do not only learn from course lectures but also a lot from the other course participants  in the break-out sessions in which specific industrial cases are solved. They highly value this sharing of experiences.

The course is based on the book Jan Harmsen, Industrial Process Scale-up, 2nd Edition – A Practical Innovation Guide from Idea to Commercial Implementation, Elsevier, Amsterdam (2019).

Each participant will receive a book copy, so after the course they can read more about the subject. Also a half-day boost course is provided half a year later than the main course, so that problems met after the main course can be tackled in the boost course.