This was the title of the Dutch Process Technology Symposium at Twente University 6-7 July 2023. The whole symposium was about sustainability and circularity in a very lively atmosphere. The context: a cinema, with wide corridors and many round tables, facilitated lively informal discussions.

It kicked off with a plenary presentation about bio(waste) for tomorrow’s chemicals, by Herman Klein
Teeseling of HoST. His company has designed and constructed over 400 processes for the conversion
of waste into biogas, power, and heat. Many other presentations were about converting waste into

A spectacular contribution was about converting Poly Urethane Foam into its base chemicals
with over 95 % yield by Shahab Zamadi of University Twente.

In one of the discussions a professor mentioned that it is hard to publish new process designs. I
informed him that the Journal of Advanced Manufacturing and Processing (JAMP), a peer-reviewed,
online journal of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) is very suitable for publishing
new designs.

Process technology covers a large field of manufacturing technologies for chemicals fuels, food,
consumables, ceramics, catalysts, pharmaceuticals, and consumables. I attended this symposium and
contributed with a lecture on educating break-through process designs using functions.