Fifty percent of all commercial-scale process implementations fail. This course will address critical success factors for process innovation and scale-up from idea to commercial scale start-up. From innovation stage, discovery, concept, feasibility, development, detailed design through to construction, procurement, and start-up. Specific attention is paid to design, modelling and experimentation. The course consists of interactive lectures, discussions and workshops applied to real industrial cases.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify critical aspects of integrated process scale-up
  • Choose the best process and unit operations in view of scale-up
  • Make an innovation plan for a given case
  • Interactive lectures supported by case studies
  • Learn from workshops solving real industry problems

Key Topics

  • Scale-up risks of processes
  • Stage-gate innovation steps to reduce risks
  • Connections between design, modelling and experimental validation
  • Pilot plant design and test program decisions
  • Start-up preparation
  • Technology Readiness Levels assessment for new process technologies.
  • Key scale-up performance phenomena of unit operations.
  • Choice of unit operations in view of scale-up
  • Scale-up methods for unit operations.

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