Conferences for 2022 are live events again. Below is my list, updated 6th of September 2021.




International Congress of Chemical and Process Engineering CHISA Prague, 2022.

This conference covers all area of chemical engineering, and always also has several contributions on education. It is attended by over thousand people from all over the world, but more people from middle and eastern Europe than in other conferences, so it provides extra chances of getting new contacts. It is always at the end of August. The precise dates are still to be announced.


2022 AIChE Spring Meeting and 18th Global Congress on Process Safety, April 10-14, 2022, San Antonio, Texas, USA.  The Meeting theme is Transformation Beyond 2050: Sustainability and the Chemical Plant of the Future. So, the focus is on sustainability.

The spring meeting traditionally has a relatively high percentage of industry contributions and participants. The atmosphere is informal. Several times I picked up interesting information about industrial practices and technologies.


2022 AIChE Annual Meeting, November 13-18, 2022, Phoenix, USA. This is an enormously large conference with some 8000 participants both from academia, contract research organizations and industry. There are many parallel sessions so you always can find lectures that are of interest to you.


Achema is 4 – 8 April 2022, Frankfurt am Main, Germany. This is a very large process industries event. It not only has a large technical programme, but also has a very large exhibition for industries and institutes. If you want to meet process engineering professionals from all over Europe, then this is the place to be. Book a hotel early.


WCCE11 — 11th World Congress of Chemical Engineering and XXX Inter-America Congress of Chemical Engineering, June 19 – 23 2022, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Activities will be addressed using a systemic approach, considering the links and iterations that exist between Energy – Water – Human Environment – Food – Health. This is a very large event covering all aspects of chemical engineering. It is likely that many interesting contributions will be from the Americas, covering many biomass conversion technologies.

ICSFPT002 2022: 16. International Conference on Sustainable Food Processing and Technology, June 10-11, 2022, in Copenhagen, Denmark. This is a research and Technology centred conference. It includes health topics. The field of food processes is very advanced in some areas. For instance, commercial scale microwave technology is mostly applied in food processing.

The 5th International Conference on Green Chemistry and Sustainable Engineering (GreenChem-21), Rome, Italy has been postponed to 20-22 July 2022. This is a truly international conference and I always pick up new methods and technologies.

Biobased coatings 8th & 9th June 2022 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This is an annual event and this time in Amsterdam. I do not know it, but the programme is promising.


Courses by Jan Harmsen via Symmetric  November 2021 -December 2022

The courses planned so far are online. Many people have noted the advantages of online over live courses. The first advantage is not having to travel. But there are more advantages The online courses are now shaped differently. They are now several half days or only 2 hours per day for several days. In this way people do not get exhausted by watching the screen for hours on end. Participants can now keep doing their daily regular things like reading and answering emails.


Industrial Process Scale-up course, 24-26 November 2021, each day 9-14 h.

This course is about all critical success factors for process innovation and scale-up from idea to and including commercial scale start-up. These critical success factors are treated for each innovation stage, discovery, concept, feasibility, development, detailed design for construction and procurement, and start-up. Specific attention is paid to design, modelling, and experimentation.  The course consists of interactive lectures and workshops in which the knowledge provided is applied to real industrial cases. Both plant-wide process scale-up and unit operations scale-up is treated. All information provided is found in the course book: Jan Harmsen, Industrial Process Scale-up, 2nd Edition – A Practical Innovation Guide from Idea to Commercial Implementation, Elsevier, Amsterdam (2019).


Detailed information about the courses is found at the Symmetric website. The course will be probably given again in 2022.

Course Sustainable Concept Design Products and Processes, 3 days 9-14 h.

This course is about learning to design product and process concepts contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). Supporting methods provided are about environmental impact reduction (rapid life cycle assessment), closing material cycles (circular economy and industrial symbiosis), and robustness to future uncertainties using scenarios. Detailed information about the course will be found later this year at the Symmetric website. All information provided is found in the course book: Jan Harmsen, André B. de Haan, P.L.J Swinkels, Product and Process Design Driving Innovation, DEGRUYTER, Berlin (2018).


Course Process Intensification Design course, 3 days, 9-14 h.


Process Intensification is a radically new design method resulting in process designs that have far lower investment, operating, maintenance and energy cost, and also are more reliable and safer to operate. In this way PI helps companies to contribute to Sustainable Development Goals.

The PI design method provided in the course has five domains, Plant-wide, function integration, dynamic operation, alternative thermodynamic, and intensified equipment. Each domain is explained by interactive lectures and illustrated with industrial cases and trained by exercises. All provided information is found in the course book: Jan Harmsen and Maarten Verkerk, Process Intensification – Design, Industrial Innovation Practices, and Education, DE GRUYTER, Berlin, 2020.

Detailed information about the course will be found later this year at the Symmetric website.


Now more and more companies also want in-house courses tailor made to their wishes. If the topic is around one of the three courses mentioned above, then they can contact Symmetric. If it is a different topic, they can contact me.: E: